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As Aluminium Suppliers we stock Aluminium in the following forms:
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Our aluminium for sale stock range caters for many engineering companies across the UK. Our ability to cut large quantities of aluminium billets on short lead times has made us extremely competitive not only on price but also on delivery.

Aluminium is abundant (There are over 300 years worth of current production. In reserves that have already been discovered) light weight, resistant to corrosion; it is high strength and a good conductor of electricity and heat. It is one of the most recycled materials in the world. Each tonne of secondary aluminium that is recycled shows a saving of 95% of the energy required to produce the same tonne from primary metal. This in turn helps us fight against, waste and energy consumption.

Aluminium has about 1/3rd the density and stiffness of steel and is easily machined, cast or extruded. It is ideal for transportation such as cars, aircrafts, marine vessels, bicycles and other uses where the weight is important. Also for house hold items such as pots and pans,  watches, luggage, foil, lighting etc.

Aluminium has been used in conjunction with copper as an alloy in monetary coins in France, Italy, Poland, Finland, Romania and Israel. It is also been used for casting statues. Like the statue of Anteros in Piccadilly Circus in London. It is also used in yacht masts, street lamps, walking poles and baseball bats to name a few

P&P stock the following grades:

Aluminium 6082

Aluminium 5083

Aluminium 2011

Also available on request – enquire for details:

Aluminium 6262

Aluminium 6026T6

Aluminium 2014